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The Exposition Johnny

The exhibition Directly inspired by Patrice Gaulupeau’s “Le Regard des Autres” book, the “JOHNNY Exhibition” contains the codes that made the book so successful: the most beautiful photos of Johnny Hallyday taken by the greatest photographers. From its birth to the 2000s, six decades of exceptional documents trace the unique career of this legend of the French song through 200 photos, many of them completely unpublished. An impressive and prestigious distribution will make this exhibition an unmissable event for the fans of Johnny, but also for lovers of art photography. We will have the pleasure and the honor of exhibiting the works of the stars of the photo such as Raymond Depardon, Patrick Demarchelier, Bettina Rheims, André Rau, Sylvie Lancrenon, Alberto Korda, Studio Harcourt, and of course those of the two historical photographers : Jean-Marie Périer and Tony Frank. This photographic exhibition will be staged with guitars that belonged to Johnny as the famous Jacobacci “Hache” concerts of the Pavillon de Paris in 1979 and stage outfits made by the big names in fashion, as his costume of entry of scene at the Parc des Princes in 2003 created by Jean-Paul Gaultier … All mythical objects kindly lent by passionate collectors. As the gifted rocker was also an actor, to remember this aspect of his career, many posters of his films (some very rare) will be exhibited as well as forgotten filming shots such as the unprecedented of his meeting with the legendary director Abel Gance. Finally, for the amateurs of beautiful displacements, three motorcycles will be exposed, including the famous Harley Davidson “Laura Eyes”, ride by Johnny himself on the stage of the Stade de France in 1998, and two cars including the Gillet Vertigo he Borrow every evening to go to Bercy during his concerts in 1995. Over the months, to make live this tribute to “the man of a thousand lives” the Expo Johnny will know various extensions and will reserve some surprises with events. Some of his biographers or friends will come to dedicate their works, among which Jean-Claude Camus, Tony Frank, Sam Bernett, Gilles Lhote, Patrick

« L’Exposition JOHNNY »

From July 11 to September 23rd 2018

From October 09th to January 13rd 2019


A la Galerie Joseph – 116 Rue de Turenne Paris 3ème


Une exposition hommage à l’Artiste, au Chanteur, à l’Acteur, à l’amateur de belles motos et de voitures d’exception,

A celui qui a fait chanter et rêver tout un pays durant tant d’années …