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Festival Design D’DAYS from May 02nd to May 14th 2017


Let's Play - May 2 to 14, 2017 in Paris

D'Days is a platform for sharing and creativity: the association offers the public a transversal program, representing the different fields of application of design, with 3 key events in Paris: The Graphic Design Festival, The Festival of Design and Forum Think Life.

The annual festival is free, the Festival takes place in Paris, its museums, its institutions, its galleries ... Nearly 100 actors of the profession (publishers, schools, museums, institutions, foundations, companies, galleries ...) To promote French and international design, in all its richness and diversity.

In 2017, the historic event of D'Days returns from May 2 to 14 with a playful theme -Let's Play - exhibitions in the central nave of the Museum of Decorative Arts, a presence at the Grand Palais as part of the Biennale Révélations, A country invited, conferences, workshops, festive events in iconic places of Paris ...

For 2 years, D'Days co-produced with Artevia the Think Life Forum. Thinking like a prospective platform, this Forum brings together all intelligences - designers, architects, researchers, entrepreneurs, economists ... to think about design, the sense of form and its capacity to take its place in a globalized world connected, faster than never.

The 3rd edition of Think Life, scheduled for the fall of 2017, will take place in two stages: the Think Life Forum, with its "Think": conferences on design and evolution of the profession and its "Share & Learn" Exhibitions and workshops. New, the Think Life Campus, will allow multidisciplinary teams to work for almost a year in developing answers to the challenges of the society of tomorrow. The work carried out in this framework will be presented in the "Share & Learn" of the Forum.

From 02 May to 14 May 2017