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New Store Louis Vuitton in Paris Saint Honoré district

All Paris was there. In early October, the sun adorning the facade of the new Louis Vuitton Vendome House opened on the square of the same name has attracted as a star lovers of fashion and art. Discovery and visit of this high luxury space that has not been empty since its opening.
This return to the roots (install several thousand square meters in the neighborhood where travel goods, fashion and jewelry have coexisted for centuries, where in 1854 the young Louis Vuitton opened his first store, is nothing trivial ) seems to be no more than a manifesto. When a reference to elegance like Louis Vuitton decides to reconcile in such an impressive place its commitment as a patron of time, its status as a spearhead of French refinement and its role as trendsetter, it is indeed another definition of the role of a flagship store that emerges.

Show off French luxury

And we return to the V mentioned above, those of Vuitton, Vendome and Versailles. Bringing them together certainly means that the most beautiful place in Paris, like the most beautiful castle in the world, was designed and built by the architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart in the 17th century, so that the new Louis Vuitton Vendôme House would have keep in line with these references, but it also requires further reflection. Joining in the extension of places symbolizing as much the flourishing of the arts is to pay tribute to excellence and, above all, to impose it. It is to accept the need to promote French know-how and craftsmanship throughout the world. It is to put oneself in the footsteps of the Sun King, whose vision was identical, it was necessary to have the audacity to consider it.

Well, Place Vendome, Louis Vuitton assumes this major ambition. And this sun irradiating more than 6 meters in diameter which adorns the facade of this majestic mansion proclaims it to all: to "radiate" the French luxury, the house has the ardent faith. This faith is enough to admire the architectural work done on and in the two hotels known as Baudet de Morlet and Heuzé de Vologer to convince themselves that it has moved mountains as much as walls. Altered over time, having seen an eighteenth century staircase destroyed to build offices in the 80s (a sacrilege when you think about it), the buildings have been completely redesigned.

Maison Louis Vuitton Place Vendôme

2 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris fr.louisvuitton.com/fra-fr/homepage